Super Mega Mix Hamper

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Our Super Mega Mix Hamper is a great gift. It contains an amazing mix of retro school sweets and chocolate bars that are suitable for all ages.

This gift would be ideal for any occasion from a birthday to a thank you gift for an entire office.

It comes presented in a beautiful, hand made wicker picnic style hamper, so when the sweets have been eaten the hamper can be used for anything.

Remember walking into your local sweet shop and asking for a quarter of sweets? Well nowadays we use grams but an old quarter was around 113g, we will give you 130g.

The Party Box contains 37 different types of sweets, sealed in individual sweet bags and 22 chocolate bars.

Allergy Information: May contain milk, nuts, eggs, Soya.

Product Expiry Date. Minimum 6 Months.

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Our Super Mega Mix Hamper should keep any sweet lover happy for weeks with a superb selection of sweets to choose from.

Our sweets are beautifully packaged in individual bags and placed in a lovely wicker effect hamper that can be used once the lovely sweets have been eaten.

A fantastic gift for birthday, Christmas or just as a thank you.

Contents Include

2 Wham Bars
1 Refresher Pack
2 Popping Candy
1 Giant Parma Violets
1 Double Dip
1 Flump
3 Strawberry Cables

20 Flying Saucers
1 Pack Of Hubba Bubba
1 Sherbet Fountain
1 Love Hearts Pack
2 Refresher Bars
4 Double Lollies
10 Fried Eggs
3 Drumsticks
8 Strawberries
130g Cola Bottles

1 Chewits
10 Fruit Salad
2 Rainbow Drops
6 Bannanas
10 Black Jacks
130g Jelly Beans
130g Jelly Babys

130g Milk Bottles
130g Fruit Jellies
130g Dolly Mixture
130g Fudge
130g Wine Gums
130g Milkshake Bottles
130g Strawberry Bon Bons
130g Midget Gems
130g Pink and White Mice
130g Jazzies
130g Liquorice Allsorts
130g American Hard Gums

2 x Dime Bar
2 x Smarties
2 x Fudge
2 x Double Decker
2 x Chomp
2 x Curly Wurly
2 x Dairy Milk
2 x Mars Bar
2 x Snickers
2 x Wispa
2 x Poppets

Weight 8001 g


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